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Cannabis Industry Perspective

While the current cannabis  investment environment favors the multi-state operator model, it is our perspective that AB46 Investments offers a contrarian cannabis opportunity because it only bears the costs of complying with one state regulatory structure that it has demonstrated the ability to thrive in while playing a role in upcoming regulatory reform at a national level.

We believe that the best way to solve challenges faced by larger retail cannabis operations and brands is to scale our retail operations at a local and state level where revenue and EBITDA models are predictable based on 8+ years of operational experience in our market. In 2022, we employ over 220 people in Southern Arizona.

Our fundamentals are rooted in solving small & large problems by taking a systems-based approach, analyzing market gaps and Cannabis CPG trends, and incorporating automation models that we can develop for scalability. Our team is working with our partners to develop cannabis industry solutions in SaaS, hardware automation, & sustainability. We don’t simply talk about ESG. With EcoPride, we are building a branded platform rooted in sustainable packaging.

The prism that we see the cannabis industry through tells us that the momentum for federal descheduling is gaining in velocity and presents deep long term opportunities.

This is our opinion and is not to be considered investment advice.

Mohit (Moe) Asnani & Charles (Chip) Boyden

2021 | Recreational + Medical Cannabis Operations: Year 1